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    Adding folders to catalog does not respect folder hierarchy

    AndrewMcD Level 1

      Sometime in 2015, Lightroom started adding folders to the catalog in a different way than it had for the first, I dunno, 5 or 6 years of using the program.


      My portraits are organized by a parent folder, then, year, then person photographed.




      Lightroom used to respect this when adding folders to my portraits catalog.


      NOW, I have this





      - Shiela-12.20.2014

      - and so on


      I get an error when I click on the folders at the top-level and try "show parent", apparently, lightroom has a bug and wasn't setting the parent folder.


      This has occurred across ALL of my catalogs. In one case, the catalog was small enough, I rendered out the xml and deleted the catalog.


      This is still occurring unless I start with a completely new catalog and re-import everything.




      Yes, I've searched the forums, none of the solutions help.


      At this point, I'm looking at other solutions for catalog management, and just using lightroom for occasional batch editing or light photo editing. I really don't trust this program any more.