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    Recurring issue exporting composition as text template


      After Effects will not even give me the option to export that, whether I try under the compositions tab or the files tab. I am making new text layers in an old after effects file from Version 11.0.4 (Windows 64) that converts to the file supported by the version of After Effects that I am using (After Effects CC 2017.0 Release Version I am able to make new text layers in After Effects and animate them along with the original elements of the file I'm using but when I attempt to convert it to a text template to be able to edited in Premiere, it does not give me the option. I have tried several different options to try and find a way to be able to export as a text template but I am unable to in this file. When I created a new file in After Effects just to see if I could get it to work, it had no issue exporting the text template. Is it because of the old file type? Will I have to recreate this composition from scratch in the new version of After Effects?


      Apologies if I worded things incorrectly or didn't provide enough info! I'm a newbie when it comes to After Effects and I'm just trying to get the text file template to work.


      Thanks in advance!