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    Clipping mask with Illustrator group?

    tallscot Level 1

      I have artwork I created in Illustrator that is made out of 3 objects.


      I have a photo.


      I want to use the artwork I created in Illustrator as a clipping mask in InDesign for the photo and I want the photo to span the three objects in the group. I can't get this to work.


      Try 1:

      1. Import Illustrator art

      2. Import photo

      3. Cut photo

      4. Select Illustrator art

      5. Select Paste Into


      Result: InDesign pastes the photo into the rectangle boundary that the Illustrator is inside, so I end up with a rectangle mask instead of the Illustrator shape.


      Try 2:


      1. Copy and paste the shape from Illustrator into InDesign

      2. Import the photo

      3. Cut the photo

      4. Select the pasted Illustrator shape

      5. Select Paste Into


      Result: It only made 1 of the 3 shapes that make up the artwork a clipping mask, not all three. It needs to span all three shapes.


      This can't be hard. I've seen people do this kind of thing in brochures a million times. What am I missing here?

      Thank you so much!