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    Copying files to the music folder from an app or drive


      Hi. Just starting to play around with Adobe Clip and I'm stuck on a couple of things. I want to import sound clips to add to video. When I choose the option to Select Soundtrack, the only thing available is the Adobe stock recordings.


        • By Bronwyn Lewis - 12:32 PM on January 18, 2016  Hi Paul,Any audio file you want to use as a soundtrack in Premiere Clip must be in your music folder on your Android phone. Please note that at this time we support one “soundtrack”, so if you are adding a recorded audio track, you won’t be able to add a separate music track. If you have audio that is included as part of your recorded video clips, you can choose to have it play along with the musical soundtrack.If you are still having trouble, we can help you out on the forum.

      According to this, Adobe Clip can only work with a file is if it can be found on the device Music folder. Wondering first off if that is still the case? If it is the case, Does that mean that Clip could use a sound recording if  you can get it into the device Music folder?


      My greater difficulty is getting files to the Music file. I use the app Easy Voice Recorder. It saves files by default to a location in Storage/Internal Storage/Other. Is it possible to move the files to Music. I have also tried email the files to myself and saving to Drive. In both of those cases I  also can't figure out how to move the files to Music ( as may be obvious, I have only a basic understanding of my phone. Any help greatly appreciated!