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    There appears to be no way to cancel an add-on subscripiton


      After the complete hash that Adobe made of their CC2017 upgrade and in particular their add-ons, I decided to go directly the to software company MindStream and purchased the perpetual license version of MindSuite Pro for CC217 Indesign.

      I had previously used the Adobe Add-on MindGrammar Pro which failed when the CC2017 upgrade was installed. I downgraded back to InDesign CC2015 and finished publishing the books I was working on.

      I removed the Add-on last month and upgraded InDesign CC 2015 to CC2017 and purchased the MindSuite Pro for CC2017 direct from MindStream and everything works very well.

      My questions is that I have removed the MindGrammar Pro Add-on via my account but Adobe is still charging me for the Add-on.

      I have looked through every FAQ, Discussion and other sites to answer this InDesign question, but there appears to be no way to specifically cancel the subscription for the MindGrammar Pro Add-in.

      My only thought is that perhaps the Adobe software sees the MindGrammar software installed and just thinks it is its own version of the software, which to be honest, is somewhat dishonest, getting me to pay twice for the same piece of software.

      Once again, I have been charged this month for an Add-on that I do not use anymore.

      As for contacting Adobe, it is terrible, it would appear that we are left alone to answer our own questions.