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    Debugging callbackInfo

    bradmoo Level 1

      I have been able to create agreements through the API, email notifications work when the status changes, but I have had no luck getting the callback to work


      Here is an example of a request as received by Adobe Sign



      content-length : 765

      method : POST

      requestUrl : rest/v5/agreements

      host : api.au1.echosign.com

      content-type : application/json

      access-token : ***

      accept-encoding : gzip, deflate

      original-path : /rest/v5/agreements

      accept : application/json, application/xml, text/json, text/x-json, text/javascript, text/xml

      user-agent : RestSharp/




        "documentCreationInfo": {

          "recipientSetInfos": [{

            "recipientSetRole": "SIGNER",

            "recipientSetMemberInfos": [{

              "email": "testuser@***.com"



          "signatureFlow": "SENDER_SIGNATURE_NOT_REQUIRED",

          "name": "Adobe Sign Web Service",

          "signatureType": "ESIGN",

          "callbackInfo": "https://requestb.in/14ultkz1",

          "externalId": {

            "id": "853EE0F059864DE99B80BF442F711711"


          "fileInfos": [{

            "transientDocumentId": "***"





      Which successfully creates an agreeement, however the callback url is never being hit. Am I missing something from my request to subscribe to specific events? How can I find out why it isn't working?