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    Can't find Lightroom Main Catalogue

    johnb88344927 Level 1

      Edit--Catalogue settings--General---Location "C:\Users\John\Pictures\Lightroom Main Catalogue

      The File Name is shown as: Lightroom Main Catalogue.ircat

      Created: 12/4/16

      Last Optimised: 12/13/16 (Today)

      Size: 14.6MB


      When I hit "Show" it takes me to My Picture folders page but there is no sign of the Main Catalogue icon.

      I've searched my external drives but can't find it.

      When I try to import canon Canon Raw file it goes through the normal procedure but nothing arrives in the Film Strip or main work space.


      I haven't used it much but Lr CC has worked normally up to now. I've deleted all my developed files try ing to make a new start with a new catalogue but it looks like the .ircat file has disappeared.


      What can I do?