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    Eye Pupils Moving Out Of Range

    bobokirk Level 1

      I want to first say that I am far out giddy about this fantastic tool. It works!  So now, I've almost got my "self portrait" character almost looking and behaving like me, but the eye pupils a drifting a bit out of the "eyeball-socket", particularly when I roll my eyes a little far up. I've played a little with the "range" tool (the brackets around the eye tags), but there's little change - probably because I'm not using it correctly.  Any places I might look next to solve this?  Many thanks!

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          Dan Ramirez Adobe Employee

          Would you mind posting the puppet to this thread so I can take a look at it?

          Dan R.

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            Rutger Wink - USG Academy Level 1

            Hi i'm having the same problem with my puppet. The Pupil is able to slide outside of the eye sockets. This is especially annoying when using the Eyelid behaviour. I've been trying to hide the pupil behind solids outside the sockets but this is far from ideal. Is it possible to give the pupil like a MASK? So whenever it moves out of range it's just not rendered?

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              This tends to happen if the eyes are not exactly the same - so if you don't have the same sized eyeballs with the same sized pupils in the same default position, they can fly out of the eyeballs. This is to prevent a "lazy eye" effect where they would move at different speeds or one would stop at the edge while another keeps moving. If this is an aesthetic choice for your puppet (which I do a lot), then you can turn down the camera strength under Eye Gaze.


              No masking yet. The closest examples I've seen is when people have holes in the skin and have the eyes show up below those, like a cardboard mask.


              This is a good topic for a future tips video, so thanks for the question!

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                laurathefarrar Level 1

                I have a character at a quarter view with bulging eyes. He is looking toward profile as default (eyes not facing the camera when centered). I need to have one pupil stop moving when it hits the edge and the other keep going. Otherwise one of the pupils flies way out of the head. Reducing the range severely restricts the eyes and prevents them from looking back the opposite direction.


                Is it possible to disable this behavior that forces the pupils to match? It would be much better in this case to have one hit the side and stop while the other keeps pushing that same direction (and they would still come back to center position normally).

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                  oksamurai Employee Moderator

                  There's not a great way to do this, as by default people usually move their eyes together at the same time. No disable controls that I know of.


                  The way I would experiment with it would be to alter the eyeball (aka pupil range) of one eye, maybe even making it 0% opacity if you need it not to match the exact bounds of the eyeball - like https://youtu.be/XyadaFYYGb0?t=17m35s. I'd also experiment with where the pupil starts in its default position. That way the outer bulging eye could have a different bounds and not fly out of the head.


                  Also, if you're using Illustrator, there's a known bug about flying pupils. If you set the pupil range to the main "Left Eye" or "Right Eye" groups, or render as vector, you should be fine.