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    Importing photos from LR mobile


      For the longest time, I was able to import photos from my iPhone to Lightroom using a USB cable (I'm using an iPhone 6 and LR CC 2015.8 on a Lenovo PC running Windows 10). However, Lightroom no longer recognizes my iPhone, so I installed LR Mobile instead. My photos sync'd to Lightroom CC on my PC and appear in Collections under "From Lr mobile". So far, so good. Here's my question. Within Lightroom, my DSLR and older iPhone photos are found in the Folders tab. In Windows Explorer, the photos are saved and organized by year and month. For example, C:\Users\Mike\Pictures\My Lightroom Photos\2016\November


      The photos from LR Mobile appear in a completely separate folder. For example: 

      C:\Users\Mike\Pictures\Lightroom\Mobile Downloads.lrdata\cd6276ff71139754a25fa6accc26eea9b16ffb98e267173a448353e39b3d53f9


      I've already changed the default save location for LR mobile so that my iPhone photos are now saved in a more user-friendly location. However, that doesn't solve my problem. Is there a way to import or move the photos from my phone so that they're saved in the same folders as the rest of my photos? I tried moving the sync'd iPhone photos using Import > Move in Lightroom CC, but now I'm seeing a bunch of broken links and errors.