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    NEFs and DNGs are being loaded tilted in CC 2017 Bridge - new and earlier photos on iMac but not on my husband's iMac


      Loaded SD Card into iMac and resulting DNGs from Nikon D750 show uniformly tilted (at the same angle).   When I looked at folders with earlier DNGs, all are now tilted - showing empty pixels.   Spent two hours on phone with Adobe with no resolution and only a conclusion that it is an Adobe issue and not a camera or SD issue.   When I load the SD card into my husband's iMac, the images are normal - no tilt.   I can correct with the offset tool by using Command R and selecting photos with same orientation and correcting those.   REAL PAIN. 


      Any suggestions as Adobe said it escalated and no call back.    Any suggestions on how to correct.   Rep said not to uninstall because he loaded the earlier version and same thing happened.