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    Can't view or change zoom in/out in re to ArtBoards

    Maddyu Level 1

      I am sure this is one of the dumbest questions, but for some reason I cannot adjust the zoom in the Windows 10 version. How do you adjust the main interface (working area) to move from left to right or vica versa.  It can move from top to bottom but not left to right. Is their a "Hand Tool" or zoom where i can move around between ArtBoards.  I have tried everything the arrow keys, mouse options, etc but nothing allows me to adjust the "zoom area" in correspondence to an ArtBoard. Hard to explain, for example, I have made 6 Artboards, for me to change the "view" to the 1st Artboard I can't do unless I zoom out to see it, but when I go to zoom in it does not permit me to adjust it to the right (right in this case since it being first) so I can't see the content in the 1st Artboard.  The Zoom In feature only works on the last Artboard I created.  I think i have doubled clicked on everything on the interface thinking I am just a click a way from being able to change the view of the Artboards.  Still can't do it.