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    Glossary problem


      I want to create a glossary for my project. I already have a glossary htm. page, created from an imported word doc. which I could leave and manually create all the hyperlinks to it from the text, but I thought I'd give the RH glossary a go. When I added a couple of new terms and definitions, and tested the WebHelp output it had reformatted all my text to Times New Roman, increased the point size to 16 and put in huge spaces between my heading 2 sub-topics! I don't seem to be able to undo this so I guess I have to open up each and every topic and reformat? Most annoying if so.

      So far, I'm not having much luck with the glossary function - can anyone recommend a good source of detailed information on how to start the process of building a glossary?

      I'm using RH7, generating WebHelp.



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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Colin.

          With webhelp the font used in the glossary, toc and index is controlled by your skin.

          That said, I'm a bit confused as to what has happened here. Are you saying that you have created glossary entries in the project's tri-pane (the glossary tab next to the index) and run the glossary hotspot which has changed your fonts/spacing in your topics?

          There are a number of ways of having a glossary. One way is to have a topic with lots of bookmarks that you can link to. Other is to have a separate help file which can be merged. Another is to use the project's Glossary tab which you can choose to use to add expanding text in your topics when a glossary term appears.