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    How to remove plugin specific preferences

    patilpralhad Level 1



      We are using adobe illustrator preferences to store some data. User can update or reinstall our plugin from a 3rd party installer. The problem I'm seeing is, The preferences won't go once I uninstall the plugin.

      So my question is,

      1) Is it possible to just delete preferences created from my plugin out side illustrator (Through some script or program)?

      2) Is there any documentation on how to process the preference file getting generated from illustrator?




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          A. Patterson Level 4

          1) No, short of parsing the preferences yourself

          2) No, but it's not very complicated. Just take a look at it, it's pretty straight forward.


          The only complicated bit is strings, which look like this:


          /image_filename [ 47





          That just indicates that the value has 47 characters, and then you read the block after in two-character chunks. So, for example, the first four characters in the above are:


          43 = C

          3a = :

          5c = \

          55 = U



          And so on.

          You can find examples of most of the other preferences. If you're just deleting though, it should be pretty easy.

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            LeoTaro Level 4

            Why is it a problem that the preferences are not being deleted? I don't know of any other plugin that deletes preferences when it is uninstalled.