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    Importing in LightRoom 5.7:  Where are the destination & file rename settings?


      OK, I get a new computer (new Mac Pro replacing an older Mac Pro Tower), running Sierra - OS X 10.12.1.  I install my purchased LR 5.7.  Now to import some recent images.  It finds the chip, but it wants to send the images to the hard drive, and will not let me select a folder.  Also, it does not show any area where I can change the file names on import.  Under "File Handling" I can (a) build previews, (b) build smart previews, (c) not import suspected duplicates, and (d) send a second copy to a place of my choosing.  Nothing else. 


      Where do I tell it the desired destination?


      Where do I tell it to add a date to the name, or anything else?  The on-line help function does not seem to discuss LR 5.7.


      Yes, I know LR 5.7 is not the latest, that 6.7 is better.  But I have the problem now.