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    Design view and code view



      I have used Dreamweaver for several years and I had no real issues, everything worked fine. I used this on a mac and a pc. I recently got Dreamweaver 2017 w Bootstrap capabilities specifically for the responsive ability. I am having an issue w the design view and the code view as one will work when I alter it and the other will not work and then the changes I make in one view will not display in the other view. The only way I can see what I am creating is in preview and sometimes that works and other times it does not. I upgraded to this version so I could get the job done and this is not helping. I have looked at issue comments about rendering that were posted in 2012 and that is all I have found about Design view, is this the same problem? Please Advise.

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          Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          With all of the Known Issues in DW CC2017: Dreamweaver Help | Known issues | Dreamweaver CC 2017, I have gone back to CC 2015 until much needed patches are released: How to Find and Install Previous Version of Adobe Apps in CC 2015 | Adobe Customer Care Team


          CC 2015 has most of (if not all of) the same responsive Bootstrap features and far fewer bugs.

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            SIMS SOLUTIONS Level 1

            Thank you for your response and advise. Do you know will adobe help me get this with out a new price tag due to the issues? The Dreamweaver I have used before and the latest was Cs6, Cs5 and MX2014. Thank you again for your time. Any advise is appreciated.

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              Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Like upgrades, bugs are just part of the subscription, fortunately, so are all of the program versions back to CS6.


              As part of your paid subscription, you can have all 5 Creative Cloud versions of DW installed at the same time on the same machine (CS6 Cloud, CC, CC2014, CC2015 and CC2017). The only limitation is they won't run at the same time, so you have to close one version to open the next if you're using features that don't exist in one or the other on any given page.


              The second link in tmy post above shows you how to download the older version through the CC Desktop Application. For example right now I have CC2014, 2015 and 2017 on my machine. CC2014 is due to be deleted and 2017 is there so I can familiarize myself with the new interface while still getting work done in 2015. Once 2017 reaches what I consider a workable point, 2015 will fall to the wayside like 2014.


              Going forward, when you install from the CC Desktop app, in the first dialogue window that comes up there will be an "Advanced Options" link. Make sure to click that so you can un-check the "Remove Older Versions" option. That way you can always have the version you're comfortable as a back-up while learning new features of the latest and greatest (and sometimes buggiest).