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    Text Encoding for In-Memory Database in AIR

      I would like to create an in-memory database using:
      var conn:SQLConnection = new SQLConnection();
      // This will create a new in-memory database and a synchronous connection.
      conn.open(null, SQLMode.CREATE);

      Later I wish to attach another database to the conn. The attached database uses UTF-8 text encoding so I have to find a way to get the original null (in-memory) database set to use UTF-8. If the encodings don't match, it throws an SQLEventError. Any ideas?


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          enorton@adobe Adobe Employee

          That's actually a core SQLite requirement for attaching databases.

          However, it also indicates that you are trying to attach/open a database that wasn't created with AIR since all AIR databases are created with UTF-16. Officially, AIR doesn't support working with databases not created with AIR. If it works, yey :) But it's not officially supported.