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    Adobe acrobat Ipad app


      I have a adobe acrobat dc pro for my pc and downloaded the app for my ipad.  I was able to sign in but cannot access any of the subscriptions even though it says I am subscribed. I've called the support phone number but they were no help.






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          CtDave Level 6

          The app for mobile (iOS & Android) is Adobe Acrobat READER not Adobe Acrobat Pro or Standard.

          Pro & Standard are desktop applications only.

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            cgreen1985 Level 1

            oh ok, why when I'm logged in it says I am subscribed and not give me access? 

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              CtDave Level 6

              Subscription covers a lot of ground.

              There is subscription to Adobe's Acrobat (the desktop application).

              There is subscription the Adobe's Document Cloud (parts of it | all of it | Doc Cloud & Acrobat.

              There are Creative Cloud subscriptions (several flavors). Some of which include subscription to Acrobat.

              There is subscription the Adobes Tech Comm Suite (which includes Acrobat).

              There are others.


              Out of this smorgasbord of subscription offerings it appears that you have a subscription to Adobe's Document Cloud but without Acrobat.


              Sign into your Adobe account at Adobe's web site. Use "Manage Account" to access the details of your account. Start with "Plans & Products".  Poke around & give your account a close look-see.


              [Edit] Regardless of all this there is no "Acrobat" for mobile devices. Acrobat (Pro or Standard) is exclusively a desktop application. So even with an Acrobat subscription you've a Jeff Probst situation of "got nothing for you" in regards to mobile devices.