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    Will LR v. 6 work with Mac OS El Capitan, or only Sierra?

    Teri Bloom

      I'm having terrible crashes since I upgraded to LR v. 6.7 and 6.8, since I've upgraded to Mac OS  El Capitain.

      I'm thinking of going back to LR v.6 as I had no problems while on Mac OS Sierra.


      Questions are: 

      1)  Will LR v. 6 work also with El Capitain, or I have to go back to Mac Sierra before re-installing LR v. 6.

      2)  Does anyone have the link explaining how to un-install LR v. 6.8, and then how to re-install LR v.6?

      3)  Would my current catalog have any problems if I back-track to an earlier version of LR?


      thanks so much, Teri