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    Auto Generated Email


      I have an email that is created by a JavaScript. Once the email is created I need certain words to be bold, how do I make some words bold. I have attached the Scripit I'm using.


      First_Name = this.getField("First Name").value;
      Last_Name = this.getField("Last Name").value;
      Reason_For_Absence = ""
      var RFA = this.getField("Reason for Absence").value;
      if(RFA != "Off"){Reason_For_Absence = RFA;};
      Date = this.getField("Date").value;
      PAF_Reason = "";
      var PR = this.getField("PAF Reason").value;
      if(PR != "Off"){PAF_Reason = PR;};
      mailDoc({ cTo: "", cCc: "", cSubject:"PAF"+"," +Date +","+PAF_Reason +","+ Reason_For_Absence +","+ Last_Name+","+First_Name, cMsg: "Steps for submitting the Personnel Action Form (PAF)\n\
      1. Select the applicable email(s) as required\n\
      2. Place the email address in the To box.\n\
      3. Email Address.\n\
      \t\ A)--Hire,   Re-Hire,   Promotions,   Transfer,   Reclassification and Salary Change    Email Addresses used here\n\
      \t\ B)--Absence (Vacation, Sick, Bereavement)  Email Addresses used here\n\
      \t\ C)--Absence (LOA) and Terminations   Email Addresses used here\n\
      \t\ E)--Personnel Data   Email Addresses used here\n\
      \t\ F)--Return from Leave Email Addresses used here\n\
      4. Thank You for your cooperation to ensure PAF(s) are actioned in a timely manner for our employees" });