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    How does Flex2 work with an IME ( Input Method Editor)?

    Joekin Level 1
      When I switched to the Chinese IME that came with my Windows XP, the text input controls in my Flex2 app do not display any characters I keyed through the IME. I have no problem to use the same IME for HTML form inputs in an HTML page ... so do I need to write extra code to make IME work with a Flex2 app?

      Another question is - in an HTML page, I only need to specify character encoding, such as UTF-8, once in the metadata, then all HTML form inputs on the page will automatically convert user inputs into UTF-8 ... so how does Flex2 do the similar job? Thanks.
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          Hi Joekin,

          I have tried Japanese (Hiragana, Kanji etc.) and it works for me. Probably you changed to Chinese IME before the Flash Player had focus. I guess the Windows XP IME mode is associated with each application. So you would to make the player/browser running the player active and then change the mode.
          Also, you would need to specify the imeMode in your TextInput component.
          Here's an example.

          Also, the above example should enable you to write utf-8 characters in your input fields.