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    Data merge - defining text color

    jimmys84031927 Level 1

      I am designing some binder covers using data merge. There are 20 books and each are referencing a different background image for the cover and slightly different text based on book number and revision. Is there a way to change text color (or font size for that matter) based on image used? For example on my darker images I want to use a lighter color and visa versa. I can change the color as needed after I export to PDF, but on bigger projects it would be nice to implement on the fly. I searched around the forum but didn't find an answer so if this answer exists let me know! thank you!

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          joet082964 Level 3

          If your images are pre-sorted by your darker/lighter test, you could put their respective text in different columns in your data file and possibly use the Remove Blank Lines feature and style sheets. Seems like a lot of work for so few entries, but maybe it would help for long projects.

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