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    Translated Strings

    Ben_Young Level 1

      After upgrading Lightroom 4 or 5 days ago, I've just noticed today that it isn't reading my settings that I have in "TranslatedStrings.txt"


      What's up with that?

      I haven't changed anything, all I did was upgrade and suddenly Lr won't read the settings from the file.


      Anyone else have this problem? If so, do you have a solution?

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          Ben_Young Level 1

          Ahhh ...

          I've found the answer to my own question.

          It seems that the file TranslatedString.txt is no longer used. It is now called "TranslatedStrings_Lr_en_US.txt" for english.


          I checked out the files for the other languages and noticed that the file names had changed. So I made a copy of my original TranslatedStrings.txt file, renamed the copy using the same naming convention as the other languages and upon restating Lightroom it could once again read the settings I have stored in that file.

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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            Unfortunately, it appears that TranslatedStrings_Lr_en_US.txt only works on Windows, not Mac.  Mac users should add their me-too vote to this problem report in the official Adobe feedback forum: Lightroom: TranslatedStrings_Lr_en_US.txt not read on Mac | Photoshop Family Customer Community

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              Samoreen Level 3



              This has also broken the Keyboard Tamer plugin, of course. However, KT still works but reads and modifies the wrong file. So it is possible to manage the shortcuts from Keyboard Tamer (which will generate or modify TranslatedStrings.txt) and then copy the contents of TranslatedStrings.txt to TranslatedStrings_Lr_en_US.txt for example. Both files can co-exist since Lightroom now ignore the former.

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                Snemanje poroke Level 1

                Many thanks for this...
                I was puzzled... I saw new names, but i was adding "TranslatedStrings_Lr_en_EN.txt" instead of "TranslatedStrings_Lr_en_US.txt" as you suggested and of course it was NOT working.


                BTW for thoose who does not know (and for me seeking this next time) a few background keywords:


                How to change SHORTCUTS in Lightroom?

                Find (hidden) folder "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom\Resources"

                Add folder name "en", which is not there by default.

                Create TXT file inside folder named "TranslatedStrings_Lr_en_US.txt"*


                In the TXT you write command. You can seeks/hint the commands in other language(s).


                But for before/after which does not work on my (Slovenian) keyboard, I assigned "A" key with this string:

                "$$$/AgDevelop/Menu/View/BeforeAfter/Before/Key=a" -- including brackets.



                * "TranslatedStrings_Lr_en_US.txt" = for CC2017

                for version up to CC2015 the name was "TranslatedStrings.txt"


                PS: I've heard of this, but mostly was interesten only in that particular command important for me (before/after):

                Jeffrey's Lightroom Configuration Manager http://regex.info/Lightroom/Config/