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    AIR 1.5, timer and html update

    Czajka Level 1
      In our HTML AIR App., we developed some code to maintain a countdown timer that updates itself every second. An html element is updated within a span area (<span id="timer-display"></span>).

      As of AIR 1.5, the code is not updating the html, yet the counter continues to decrement. I've included code snippits below. Any ideas what might have been updated? The setInterval is still executing the updateTimerDisplay() function, but the "div_timer_display.innerHTML" being set is not changing the display.

      *** code within exam start ***

      if (start_exam_counter == 1){
      intervalID_TimerDisplay = setInterval(function(){
      }, 1000);


      function updateTimerDisplay(){
      var div_timer_display = document.getElementById("timer-display");
      div_timer_display.innerHTML = formatTimeDisplay(convertSecondsToHoursObject(timer_seconds_allowed--));

      if (timer_seconds_allowed < 0) {