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    Softproofing, Lightroom, Printer Profiles


      I'm running Mac OS 12, Lightroom 6.8 (just upgraded from 6.7), Epson XP-820 printer.


      Recently I have been unable to view the list of printer profiles either in the Print or Develop modules when softproofing . Display profiles are listed. Older photos softproofed and printed in the past still have the reference to XP 820 720 620 520 Series Ultra Glossy.icc, Relative, but if I change to a display profile the printer profile disappears forever, and I am unable to retrieve it. Where is that profile list stored? Can I view it in a library somewhere. Updates have not restored that list, maybe even made it disappear. I'm even wondering if softproofing is functioning as it should. Choosing Perceptual, Relative, or Simulate Paper and Ink don't make any apparent changes. Any thoughts would be appreciated.