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    Fraudulent Vendor Peddling Adobe Volume Licenses


      Earlier this week I purchased a retail boxed copy of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended license from an online retailer. What was delivered to me, by e-mail, was a digital download link on Adobe's website and a dubious-looking license file attachment; no boxed product was shipped. The downloaded product installed and activated without issue, however, when I went online to my Adobe account and viewed my registered products, I did not see my newly activated copy of Photoshop listed. I attempted to re-register the serial number and was informed that the key was already registered to another user. I then contacted the licensing team where my suspicions were confirmed: the key I had received was a "non-genuine" Photoshop CS6 Extended volume license. They confirmed that the key was indeed registered to someone else and that the vendor from whom I had purchased said license was not an authorized Adobe volume licensing reseller.


      All requests to contact the reseller have since failed (no surprise there). I have since purchased a genuine license from Adobe and I am pursuing recourses on my own to get my money back on this fraudulent purchase, but wondering if Adobe pursues such cases? When I contacted the Adobe Sales Team (the only people I could reach by phone), they seemed completely ambivalent to the fact that volume license keys were being peddled out in the open and basically just said, "Sux Bro. Always buy direct."


      Personally, I could care less if Adobe chooses to pursue the matter, but nobody has been able to tell me if Adobe has a piracy/software fraud division that I should follow up with and report the incident to.


      Can anyone from Adobe comment?