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    what is webhelp.jar and webhelp.cab ?

      Can any one tell me if I need to deploy these files ( webjelp.jar and webhelp.cab ) to my web / app server?

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          ElisaFnord Level 2
          Hi, Bartee.

          The party line is that you must deploy everything in the WebHelp output folder for WebHelp to work. All the supporting files, all the little wh... files, and the archive files (.cab and .jar), too.

          I suspect that it is not entirely true that every WebHelp implementation needs each and every supporting file. But there really isn't any reliable way to tell which files are not needed because of the complicated way they call each other - which is further complicated by interactions with the user's browser and its settings.

          Bottom line - WAY better safe than sorry. Put them all out there.