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    Help! LR updated PS location. Now can't edit in...ps




      My mac desktop ran an update last night. This morning while using LR 5 I sent a photo to be edited in PS cs5. Instead of the dialogue box that list the 3 edit options, a box popped up saying something about the path or location of PS had changed and I had the option to click don't update. or update. I chose update. Now, when I try to send a photo to edit in ps. It sends it to a different ps app. Not the one that it usually says it's using in my dock. On top of this. when I hit command E to send the photo, it does nothing for awhile and then a dialogue box will pop up saying that the photo can't be sent to ps for whatever reason. After clicking okay anothee different box comes up basically saying the same. When I close those after a wait it will eventually pop up in ps. When I brings it back it will say the photo is corrupt or missing but that eventually goes away too. I have a lot of editting to do and cant afford to go through this long process for every photo. Does anybody have an idea of what's going on?