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    Membership cancellation




      I had been subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud (Light room) for more then one year when I realized that I don't use the product any longer. I decided to cancel the subscription, but got the proposal to use it for three months for free. I agreed and forgot about the subscription. I used the product once or twice during this period. Today (December 14, 2016) I've noticed the credit card transaction from Adobe on my bank account and I opened my Adobe account to cancel the plan. Here is the information about the plan:


      What I see here - it is one year plan that ends at December 14, 2017. This means that it should have been started at December 14, 2016.

      And that's what I got when trying to cancel the plan:

      Why should I pay any fees if I haven't started utilizing the subscription? Is that correct? I haven't received an email from Adobe about the subscription renewal either. If someone from Adobe can see it I also have a support case number: 0220590347. I feel that support is kind of inadequate in this. Whom can I contact to solve this?


      Thank you.