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    Animate CC OAM imported into MUSE not showing in Safari



      I'm having issues with OAMs not showing in Safari. I'm using Safari Version 10.0.1 (10602. on a Mac and when I view a MUSE page with an OAM from Animate CC embedded it sometimes does not show when you first land on the page. If you resize the window, or refresh the window sometimes the OAM will appear. Also, it may appear when you land on the page, but if you click away and click back it does not show. I'm using Animate CC 2017.0.1 Release and Muse 2017.0 Release. Everything works fine in both Google Chrome and Firefox.


      The link below has a very simple version of the issue to reference. There is an OAM on the Home page. If you use the navigation and click on the Secondary Page tab and then click on the Home page tab sometimes the OAM will not show up. It will on occasion show up if the window is resized or as well on occasion if the page is refreshed.




      Any help would be greatly appreciated it.