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    Licensing question for RemoteApp in Remote Desktop Services



      I've been tasked with finding out what we need to do for the licensing if we decide to run a few different Adobe programs through RemoteApp in Remote Desktop Services. I'm posting here because I haven't been able to really find what I need and phone support didn't help...


      Anyway, the software we plan to run is:


      • Adobe Suite CS4
      • Adobe Suite CS5
      • Adobe Suite CS5.5
      • Adobe Suite CS6
      • Adobe FrameMaker ver. 7.2
      • Adobe FrameMaker ver. 10
      • Adobe FrameMaker ver. 11
      • Adobe FrameMaker ver. 12


      I haven't looked into it, but I'm pretty sure some of those are unsupported nowadays. How do we go about dealing with the licenses for each? Do we need volume licensing on all of them?


      Or would we need a 3rd party program (or self made script) to monitor how many concurrent licenses are in use from the RDS server?


      Please help if you can, or at least tell me where else to look, I'm at a loss.