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    Problems with Word import (topics, TOC, bookmarks)


      I am currently trying to *pant* transform a 317 pages Word document into HTML. And I have a few questions regarding this:

      The document consists of several layers (it's an architectural description). I want to create a table of contents where it is possible to navigate down to the smallest subsection. I have tried to add the table of contents from the word file. I end up with the toc looking nice, but when I navigate down to the topics themselves, they are all marked with a red cross - no reference found.

      I want to split the word file into html pages for each section (Heading 1). This works fine. The smaller sections are marked as bookmarks (not all of them, I guess that's a bug somewhere?...) I haven't found a way to make all bookmarks a part of the TOC. Is that at all possible? If not, how should one go about to make RH do what I want? Since this is a damn large document, I don't want to do it all by hand. Not that I have found a good way to do by hand either...

      When I go into TOC and show topics, only heading 1 files and figures are shown. What's even stranger is, the order of the topics internally in these sections are messed up. But that's another question. If anyone knows why, I'd be glad to know.

      Question in compact form: How do I create a table of contents that shows all 'heading' levels of a Word file with pointers to the correct place?

      with regards,
      Børge Haugset