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    Working with cards in Muse CC 2017 responsive with fluid breakpoints

    tl90967399 Level 1

      Hello,  I have been trying to implement cards into my muse design for the past week, but it has been hard.  I would like to do something like any of the cards in https://econsultancy.com/blog/64646-15-delicious-examples-of-card-based-web-design/   I am working with fluid breakpoints.  Previously been working with squares and adding text and an image inside of them.  This works OK, except for when you start to resize the browser.  Due to the fluid breakpoints, the cards (squares with stuff on top of it) start to change size at different rates, and very quickly the text box is outside of the square.  Very annoying.  Grouping them did not work.  I could change to non-fluid breakpoints of course.  But that would simply be too easy :-)


      Yesterday I got really really close to getting fully responsive cards while using the 3 - tabbed - panel widget.  Simply removing tabs 2 and 3 and only working with the first tab, I was able to create a nice card that is fully responsive, can have rounded corners, and have a shadow effect.  Images and text stay in the card at all times, as the card automatically forms around the objects inside its container.  Is there a way to get rid of the tab completely?  I tried to delete it but was unable.


      Can I make my own container using squares and text boxes?  When you hover over the tabbed-panel widget parts, you get a popup that says something like " container ", and that is the part that keeps things together very nicely. 


      Also, is there a widget out there that helps with creating cards?  I do not want flipping cards!  Just a simple fully responsive card.  The tabbed panel approach is working so far, but was hoping for even more fancy effects with a card widget, if such a thing exists.