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    About PAdES-LTV signatures in Acrobat Reader DC




      I would like to know about PAdES-LTV signatures generation in Acrobat Reader DC.


      I have a PAdES-EPES signature and I want to extend it to a PAdES-LTV signature. I am not very sure of the option I have to use, so I would like to know if somebody can help me.


      If a open the signature tab  and right click on the signature, I find and option called something like "Add verification information". After doing that, apparently the signature is LTV compliant, but I am nos sure (If I edit the document, I am not able to find a "Document Time Stamp" element).


      What is the result of doing this action?? what elements does this option add to the PAdES-EPES signature??


      Thanks a lot in advance.