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    Cancelling Adobe CC Subscription


      Dear Adobe,


      I would email you this feedback letter, however I cannot find an email address, so I will submit it here.


      I purchased a discounted subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud Education Edition back in November 2015 for $11.99 a month, for a 12 month annual plan. Used it all year long, no issues, great software.


      I noticed last month, the charge on my account was for the full-priced $26.99 education edition software package. Fair enough, my one year plan had finished, special offer was over, I was reverted back to the standard pricing scheme.


      I went online to cancel the subscription, but was prompted by a confirmation page which read that I would be charged an over AU$100 cancellation fee.


      I connected to your online chat, and the service rep told me that if I don't cancel my subscription before the anniversary date of me signing up, then I am locked into a contract for another entire year, with no discounts and for the full-priced education license.

      Now I'm sorry, but to me, this is a ridiculous way of doing business. Yes, you may state it in your terms, and yes, I recognise that I have technically agreed to them (even though I obviously didn't read them properly) However, most services which I lock myself into a contract for can only be for a set amount of time - for example, my mobile phone contract, I am locked in to a set amount each month for 24 months, which reverts to a month-to-month plan afterwards which I am able to cancel anytime without paying any fees. I had just assumed that since this stated it was a 1 year annual plan, that it would work the same way. At the time, I felt like being locked into an entire second year contract because I didn't cancel the first plan BEFORE the anniversary date seemed like a devious way to catch me off-guard.


      Your customer service rep offered me three months for free, which is very generous and of course I took this offer, but us students unfortunately do not always have all that much cash to spare, so it was inconvenient for me at the time. Thankfully I will require the software for another year for my university studies so all is well that ends well, and I have managed to find a section online where I can "switch" my plan to a discounted one, although not quite as good of an offer as my original.


      Hopefully you can pass this feedback on to the relevant team, and please email me for any clarification,