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    How to sync Lighroom on 2 Devices


      Hello guys,


      this might be answered already, but I'm not sure if it's running in my case, too.
      I use Lightroom 6 on a PC (Win 10) and bought a Macbook (not a Pro, just the 12") for portability. Can I sync Lightroom on both devices, in best case in an automated way?
      I read about catalog export, but doesn't it 'really' just work, if both devices have the same operation system?


      If it's not really possible, i would also be glad to hear, if someone could give advice, which device to use in first.


      Looking forward to your help

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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This question gets asked frequently, and your best route forward is to try the methods you've been reading about. Have rock solid backups, try the workflow, make mistakes, review what you've done, and know you've got a good backup.


          - Export as Catalog works, regardless of operating system, though in some cases you need to correct the folder paths.

          - If you frequently switch between computers, put the catalogue on an external hard drive

          - If your switch is more for periods away from the desktop, generate smart previews for stuff you want on the road, and move the entire catalogue over to the other device.


          As for which to use first, which is your main computer? The PC? Then set things up there.