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    Help URGENTLY Required!!!

      Hello all, i am creating a cd rom using director my problem is that there are ALOT! of photographs that need have the functionallity of zooming in and moving round the screen, i ve got the dragging aroung the screen thing sorted, but i want to have a little toolbar at the side with a + button and - button to use as controls to zoom in and out of the image, i have'nt used director in a good while and was never realy any good at lingo, so the clearer this is explained to me the better.

      Thanks any help received will be greatly appreciated.Text
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          budgiebird Level 1
          Create a member called zoomRatio and control the value of that with the zoom in and out keys. Than all you need is:

          y = member("zoomRatio").line[1]
          sprite(00).width = y*(a)
          sprite(00).height = y*(b)
          sprite(00).loc = point(c, d)
          where 00 is the sprite number , a and b are the width and height of the picture, and the loc point holds the picture in place