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    Distribute Adobe Flash Player response never received


      I urgently need to get approval to download the full Flash Player installers as I am an VMware Admin at my company and require Adobe Flash for numerous servers not connected to the internet. I used to be able to download the latest version from Adobe Flash Player Distribution . However, this no longer provides the installers and instead requires that I apply to distribute flash. I have applied at least 10 times, from 2 separate emails (personal and corporate), over the past 3-4 months, and have not once received a response to my request. Please do not have "the email resent" as I NEVER GOT IT in the first place. This is not an issue with SPAM blocking it, this is an issue with no one at Adobe actually reviewing my request. Please have the request reviewed ASAP. Now that Flash is outdated on so many of our servers users are not able to use Web Interfaces that require flash and it's causing a massive problem.