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    How to get Creative Cloud PSD into Adobe Draw (iOS)?


      I have a PSD in Creative Cloud and I want to open it in Adobe Draw.  How?


      I've googled this relentlessly and haven't found anything on how to do this.


      Things I've tried:

      • Open directly in Draw...can't find any way to do this.
      • In Draw settings, I found the "Import Individual Files From Adobe Ideas" section which shows the PSD, but it is greyed out and I can't do anything.
      • Send to _____ app in Creative Cloud...Draw is not listed and cannot be added to the list.
      • Logged out & back into my Adobe account in both apps & closed & restarted them as well.


      I could just download it to Dropbox but that defeats the purpose of Creative Cloud! :-(


      Thanks for the help.