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    Need Help Building Templates




      I've got a handful of questions regarding the construction of various templates- I'm attempting to make a handful of layouts/forms in my office much easier to fill out.


      My first problem: I'm attempting to build a 'two column' table which looks like this at the moment:


      Each line below the next is anchored to the bottom left hand corner of the box containing 'x'. This is so that if there are multiple lines in 'x', the left hand and right hand columns will move down to accommodate the extra lines. I could accomplish this in a single text box without anchors, but I'd like to lock the text in the left hand column to prevent it from being edited. My problem is, if I delete all the text in one of the 'x' boxes, all of its anchored children (and their children) get deleted. I'm able to click to the right of the x and backspace once to prevent this problem, but if I select all or use my cursor to select all the text in the box and delete it that way, I lose the children. Is there a way around this?


      Second problem: I'd like if I could build a template which changes page size based on an image I put in the document. Ie, I drop a 24" X 73" image into the document, and the page becomes 25" by 77"x, with the image staying 1.5" from the top and .5" from the sides. I'm wondering if this is possible.


      Third problem: If I'm unable to solve the second problem I'd at least like to be able to configure a liquid layout wherein the image box maintains an absolute distance from the edges of the page (as indicated above). So that if I were to make the page 25" X 77", the image box in the center would be 24" X 73", 1.5" from the top, and .5" from each side. Thus far I've only been able to accomplish relative distance from the edges of the page when using liquid layout (though I was able to stick my text frames in the corners of the page and apply .5" inset spacing to make those work. The image I place cannot be cropped or messed with, and this should be simple enough for my less indesign savvy coworkers to use as a template.


      Fourth problem: I'd like if I were able to drop color chips into frames (or preferably a frame) in the bottom portion of this layout, and for them to arrange themselves centered to the page. The chips consist of a separate rectangle and text box (but could potentially be rasterized). Image which depicts the template I'm working with for problems 2, 3, and 4:



      Thank you all for any help you can offer- I may return with additional problems as they arise.