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    sendAndLoad problem

    timdiacon Level 1
      I am using send and load to send a bunch of varibales to a php script on the server which in turn uses the data to generate a PDF which is then zipped up and the name of the zip file is sent back to flash.

      The process works perfectly when the PDF generated only has a few pages however once the size of the PDF increases the flash doesn't seem to grab the variables from the php script. The php script if functioning properly by creating the zip file and posting back the file name however flash just doesn't read it?

      Is there some kind of timeout problem with the sendAndLoad which could be causing the problem?
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          blemmo Level 1
          I never experienced this, but I don't think it's the Flash side. Most php servers have a limit for execution time of a script, so maybe it takes the script too long to generate the pdf, and the connection to Flash gets closed in between?
          This is just a guess, but you can have a look at the php config and see if generating the pdf may take longer than this max time when the error occurs.

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            timdiacon Level 1
            hmm, I've pretty much checked that really, if I call the php script directly instead of from flash it completes and outputs the variables intended for flash pretty much instantly. Even when called from flash it creates the files on the server as expected.

            I have had to use POST on this as I am sending quite a lot of data to the php script. Could the ammount of data flash is sending to the script be the cause of the problem? It seems to only go wrong once the ammount of data sent gets above a certain level?