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    My photos disappeared


      Hello. I just started to use your stock, I send few photos, and it was Ok, but then, when I already had 1 photo in my portfolio, I send more 10 photos, and when I check my account in few days I see that I have no photos at all. It is very strange because at least I had 1 in my portfolio already,  what happened also with those photos that I have sended already. Al of them just disappeared. Can you help me please to solf this problem? Thank you!

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee



          Did you download the images from Adobe Stock website?




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            snezhanaz8599110 Level 1

            No, I downloaded my own images to Adobe stock, to my contributed account. There was already accepted 1 image, and I downloaded more 10 images, and next time when I go to my account, there have no images, even the one which already has accepted

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              MatHayward Adobe Employee

              There is no record of any content being uploaded to a contributor account associated with your Adobe ID. Is it possible you have a different email address associated with your contributor account? Please submit a support ticket and we can continue to look into this for you.



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                snezhanaz8599110 Level 1

                But how could it be? I HAD uploaded about 14 photos. 2 of them was not approved, one was approved, and another 10 was waiting for approvement. And I have just one Adobe account, and it registered only on one email address. But I have 2 Fotolia account, can it have any influence on my Adobe account? What is support ticket?

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                  snezhanaz8599110 Level 1


                  I send to you a screenshоt of my internet history and you will see that there was uploads.

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                    MatHayward Adobe Employee

                    Unfortunately, the screen shot you sent doesn't provide me with enough information. Please forward one of the notification emails you received to my email: mhayward@adobe.com


                    Thank you,



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                      snezhanaz8599110 Level 1

                      I did not receive any notification emails, I just saw in my account that 1 image was approved. And I uploaded 10 more photos, that was submitted but not approved yet. I think that on your stock website have some technical problems, because photos just disappeared. But unfortunately, I just don't know how to prove it now.  Maybe you will check again the screen shot that I sended to you, there many times writed that there was uploads from my side. This is only information that I can give you. But I  really need that problem with disappeared photos to be solved. Because I really very sad about the time that I wasted to upload photos, more than that, I am just not sure that if I upload them again their will not disappear again. Thank you in advance !

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                        The exact same thing just happened to me. I spend a few hours this evening uploading roughly twenty photos to Adobe Stock. I then went to upload a video file through the FTP and after it appeared for tagging and titling, it said file had an error. I could not resolve the error so I closed the tab and opened it up again and the file was gone, so I just reconnected to the FTP and uploaded again with no errors however it made me upload my ID again as if it was the first time uploading. I then went to look at my profile thinking it was strange that I had to upload my ID again and to my surprise all twenty images up for review were gone, my browser history looked the same as snezhanaz8599110 and I have no emails of any uploads. Very frustrating to have spent hours tonight on something that isn't resolved and looks like nothing has been done to follow up

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                          MatHayward Adobe Employee

                          Are you sure you used the same Adobe ID? It sounds to me like you have created an additional, new account.


                          As for the OP, I just read that you have multiple Fotolia accounts. This is more than likely the cause for your issues, check all of your accounts. FYI, only one account is allowed per contributor so please contact support directly through Fotolia or Adobe Stock to have the extra account you don't need deleted.





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