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    Stop Flash videos from looping

      Does anyone have a fix for looping Flash videos? I have produced some Flash videos with Camtasia. They don't loop anywhere else (including the preview function built into Presenter within Powerpoint), but they do loop when published. Thanks.
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          I am struggling with this too. It would seem that putting an Action Script stop(): command would fix this, but it does not work all the time. I have made small test swf files- simple, with only a few layers. In that swf, on the last frame on a layer- put in a AS stop(); command. (Usually on a dedicated layer at top called "Actions".) These work. When I put them in Presenter, then publish, then watch in browser- they play and stop. However, when I insert much more complex animations (my real content)- the stop(); seems to be ignored. Not sure what the difference is between the simple test swfs and my actual content swfs is that is making the actual content swfs loop. In essence, their stop(); commands seems ignored or overridden. If I find out I will let you know!
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            leo_leo Level 2
            Did you try the option "Control using Presenter Playbar " ? I tried that and in that case flash animation movie(swf) plays once and then stops
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              robva65 Level 2
              Good call Leo!

              This is a well known artifact of dropping swfs into the Presenter
              environment...and for what it's worth, there's another work around to that "bug" in the following way:

              Rather than having all of your animations occuring on the main timeline in Flash, what you might want to explore is converting *everything* into movie clips; this way, you can totally control what happens (and when) based on user interaction.

              As an example, I have a sample demo you can view on my site here: http://robrode.com/Breeze_demos/myIdentity/index.htm

              If you advance to slide 17 of that presentation, what you'll see is the slide set up and the flash anim located on the lower section of the slide will just park on frame one. It's only when you click the thumbnails that the additional animated objects become visible.

              The point in all of this is that more you keep things OFF the main timeline, the better. Granted, this example is set up such that we're asking the learner to explore stuff, but with nested movie clips in Flash, so long as you know how to "call" the movie clips, you can totally control the playback of your flash content.

              Hope that helps!

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