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    Adobe Capture CC

    andreasw73050524 Level 1

      The mobile app Adobe Capture cc can not be syncronized after 2 days. After a reinstallation it goes again 2 days. Why?
      I use it with Huawei P8 Lite , Android 6.0 with Emui 4.0 . Can someone help?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Andreas.


          On first start of the app, Capture checks existing libraries in the cloud and tries to sync them. Sometimes after an update (especially if there are large libraries; or no libraries) the app can spend some time going back to the server to check for content. While this is normally a quick operation the app can sometimes hang.


          What level of network connection do you have at the moment you're launching the app? Are you having trouble with any other apps at that same time?


          Instead of reinstalling the app, try force-quitting. If that doesn't help, try signing out and back in to the app.


          Let me know if you have success with that.



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            andreasw73050524 Level 1

            AgeIch use in Germany Vodafone 4G.Momentan I have to log out of the Capture app every 2 days and log in again but this is cumbersome but at least I do not need to reinstall the app.
            In the creatic Cloud app this is unfortunately not possible because it only comes to startscreen dehalb I deleted this.