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    Dubes357 Level 1

      Below is a recent image that was at first placed into the reminder area for Title, keyword or category issues.  The rejection doesn't state the actual issue and is rather vague. So I made adjustments to both title, keywords and category, then re-submitted the image.  Now it's been rejected for being a non-compliant image.  What's the non-compliance?  In reviewing the recommended stock contributor help page, it to is rather vague and doesn't clarify what the non-compliance is here.  I've reviewed many of the still-life images on the site and am at a loss as to why this image doesn't comply. At this point the only thing I can see that maybe wrong with the data I input is the use of the "&" symbol in the images title "Sunflowers & Baskets".  Can someone at Adobe tell me if that is the actual issue here?  Comments and critiques of the image welcome.



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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          If an image is improperly indexed it is initially put in "remind to complete" mode so the contributor can make the necessary changes. If the same image is resubmitted and the problem remains the file is then rejected with the reason non-compliant.


          I was able to locate this file and found you used the word "flowers" in 3 of your 5 listed keywords. I would advise you to use more than the minimum keywords though if you are not able to do so or choose not to, you must diversify them.


          You listed "sunflowers, silk flowers and flowers" as 3 different keywords. The other two keywords are "baskets" and "still life"


          Instead try..

















          You can find some helpful information about keywording in this blog post: Stock Keywording Tips | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe


          As a courtesy I have put the image back into "remind to complete" mode so you can update your keywords and resubmit.


          Good luck!



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            Dubes357 Level 1

            Thank you Mat for the rapid response and your advise.  I will make the required changes as you suggested and will re-submit.  Thanks again...

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              mars lewis Level 1

              It stands to reason that if an image is rejected for some known non-compliant issue, the most beneficial thing for both parties would be for Adobe to just spell out the specific reasons like you just did in your reply to this artist.


              I find the rejection emails that are marked with the dreaded and vague "Non-Compliant" tremendously frustrating and unproductive to deal with as a submitting artist. We don't read minds. If you are not specific in these rejection emails, then it's just a guessing game. What total nonsense and waste of artistic effort and time.


              All though I am a big fan of Adobe, I am not impressed with the submission and rejection process within Adobe Stock. It is dreadfully lacking.

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                MatHayward Adobe Employee

                I have the luxury of time when it comes to formulating a response to this type of question. The moderation team is dealing with a very high volume of content and is under pressure to ensure reviews are done in a timely manner. They simply don't have the time to type out detailed notes on individual rejections. If they did that, the review times would be unbearably slow.



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                  mars lewis Level 1

                  I get it. I can only imagine how challenging it must be for your team to keep such a daunting mission running smoothly and in a timely manner.


                  First let me say that it is very generous of Adobe to allow artist such as myself to enter the stock image arena without requiring a portfolio review or proven track record in the industry. I am grateful for the opportunity.


                  I do however, believe there is a practical solution here that would improve the process in a sustainable way that would ensure contributors receive meaningful feedback on rejected submissions that improve the quality of future submissions by the artist and limit future rejections for those artists.


                  A simple form checklist containing the majority of likely issues that result in a rejection would be of  tremendous benefit to contributors and likely cut down on images likely to be rejected from ever being contributed in the first place.


                  Right now feedback is so limited that it leaves many artist confused on how to proceed. I think we can do better together. That's all.

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                    ricky336 Adobe Community Professional

                    Just to chip in here.

                    As a contributor, it is up to us to fulfil the requirements. The moderation team can't spoon feed us writing in detail why an image is rejected. Their focus I guess is to moderate. So, while I agree it is frustrating for us, it is up to us to do the work!

                    As far as a check list - well there already is in their rejection reasons - sort of. Again, it is up to us to determine which of the categories/reasons it could be.


                    Perhaps, in the information page outlining rejection reasons, it could be more informative and comprehensive and give further examples rather than just a brief outline - presently, it is just a bit vague. So, maybe someone could update that and then contributors would have a better guideline.

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                      mars lewis Level 1

                      They can have a thousand reasons for rejections posted everywhere, but it's still just a futile exercise in mind reading at this point if no one can specifically point to the reasons which apply to a specific image.


                      When someone tells me they don't have time ... well ... let me say ... I'm unimpressed with such an answer. It certainly offers up no solution for improvement. That sentiment hardly sounds worthy of a great innovator like Adobe Systems.


                      This simply sounds like a problem division within Adobe Systems in need of new blood and ideas.


                      My guess is that the Stock Image division isn't producing the kinds of profits that make it a priority for finding ways to improve service.


                      All i know is that my complaint is hardly the exception. It seems to be a real problem with many other contributors also.