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    Develop Module Crashes, Import dialog painfully slow

    Wernerg Level 1

      I am on a new (1 month old) Windows 10 computer.  After downloading Lr and PS CC's, all ran perfectly for 3 weeks.  After a recent Lr update (to 2015.8 I believe) going from the Library module to the Develop module occasionally hung up indefinitely.  After forcing a shut down and restarting Lr, it would work fine for a while, then get hung up again going into the Develop Module. 


      Early this week my Windows 10 updated and now the Import Dialog takes 30 to 40 seconds to even respond to clicking on the import box, then takes another minute to actually show the thumbnails, then a full 20 seconds to react to selecting individual images for upload.  The actual process of importing the images seems to be as fast (or slow) as normal.  And the Develop Module still gets hung up and has to be forced to shut down. 


      Is anyone else experiencing this?