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    Cannot import lightroom catalog to computer


      Hello, I'm having trouble importing a catalog and photos onto a new computer.  I'm getting the following message after I click File:Import from another catalog: and find the lightroom catalog.lrcat file.


      "Can not import from this catalog at this time. The catalog is either in use by another copy of Lightroom or was closed improperly. If it was closed improperly, please consider doing an integrity check when opening."


      I copied the photos and .lrcat file onto an flash drive from another computer I was using on a recent trip and then copied them onto the HD of my own computer.


      What I've tried:


      Deleting the .lock file

      Logging out of Creative cloud on the computer which created the original .lrcat file.


      Any other suggestions of what to do?  I did quite a bit of photo editing and sorting on the other computer and would like to be able to import this catalog onto my own computer.