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    Ipad LR as first step of workflow (import from sd), can sync to LR on a laptop without internet connection?


      New to LR mobile, previous workflow pure LR on PC. Just bought ipad pro and sd to lightning adapter, thinking of ipad as a more portable device for initial editing when packing lighter is beneficial. question is if i do this, can i still have LR PC at the end of workflow if i am without internet connection?


      One example i have in mind is as follows: if im in a remote location with limited internet connection and want to use my laptop for some final editing, but may go on a multiday trek where its preferable to only pack an ipad and i'd import and review images say at night in the tent, but want to sync back to laptop when i return, but am still in location limited speed internet. Any way to sync imported images directly back to laptop say over direct wifi or bluetooth?


      Another example would be if i am on a boat (liveaboard) and have zero internet, any way to use ipad to import from sd card (figure the sorting and deleting is more comfortable on a sofa on a touchscreen) while being able to sync back to LR on my laptop for edits?