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    Standard Renderer setting in Cineware shows black screen


      G'day guys.


      After importing a C4D file into After Effects the Software renderer setting works, but both standard (Draft) and Standard (Final) show nothing but a black screen.
      The first picture is of the Software setting. I'm hoping the weird pixelated pattern on the black floor doesn't show up on the standard render. The second is Standard (Final).
      C4d software.png


      C4d standard (final).png


      I've attempted a lot of fixes that have helped similar issues, such as changing the port number under options and running AE as administrator, with no luck. I haven't been able to find an example of one render setting working and others not working. I've also tried rendering a short part of the composition with media encoder and it only rendered a black screen.


      PC Specs are:

      Windows 7
      16 GB RAM
      Intel Core 3.5 GHz

      GeForce GTX 750


      Please let me know what other info you need.
      Thanks for any and all help.