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    DNG files not uploading to cloud from LR mobile


      Hi there - just checking to see if others are having the same problem . .


      ever since lr mobile 2.6 - I can't get dng files to show up in lightroom cloud.  i.e. i take a raw pic with my ihpone 7plus then try to post it to a collection on my phone. LR mobile says it is syncing the file to the cloud and a placeholder indeed appears if I access my account on the cloud but the actual image never goes through - it says it's still uploading


      jpgs work just fine . .


      I tried resetting my account, the deleting the app and reinstalling it to no avail.  I'm assuming it might be an issue with a new version of LR mobile but would appreciate any additional thoughts


      Thanks in advance!

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          I am a subscriber to the full suite Photoshop+Lightroom+.....

          I am experiencing the same issue with LRM on iPhone 7. It's a nightmare. Some .dng files got synched, some other not. I didn't change catalogue, on Lightroom Web the images are all there, however the missing images are blank with some wording like "waiting for sync" since one week. I am scared to proceed to any clear/delete action because I am sure that I will loose all images and there isn't any way to have an alternative way of saving images: what about saving them, in .dng format, to Dropbox or similar.


          I suggest to abandon Lightroom Mobile as a tool to take images because it is unpredictable what it may happen. I am switching to Camera+ or Snapseed. Raw is raw and it doesn't change anything is an image is taken with LR, Camera+ or Snapseed.

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            spindirft14 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply –


            I'm thinking the same thing… will plan to import via iCloud or Dropbox to my desktop workflow . . Hopefully adobe is listening and will fix this issue soon as possible. To some degree, it makes light room mobile sort of useless when trying to work with raw files…

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              Hayhill Level 2

              Don't know if this will help or not, as I have only been doing this for the last 2 weeks. It seems to me that it is important to be sure that the newly added RAWs are in a specific collection in LRM, not just in "Lightroom Photos" at the top of the list of collections. It seems to take quite a while to upload RAWs - up to 5 min each depending on the size and speed of you WiFI. After the cloud icon in LRM indicates "up to date" then open LRCC and let it sync (much faster). If the new collection there  is correct, then things ought to be fine. Right click on one of the photos in LRCC and click show in finder for the location of the full resolution RAW - depending on what you have set in Preferences. The RAW is not saved in the cloud. So far (knock on wood) this has worked for me. I do not delete anything until I am sure the RAWs are on my desktop.

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                mesoric Level 1

                Thanks Hayhill for your suggestion, however I had already tried it. I copied the full content (32 images, not so much) to a new collection, but again only a portion of images get synchronised (19). There is a subset that does not appear.

                This morning I also tried to synch a new catalog on my office PC (I have two LT licenses); the new LT release allows it without losing the images on mobile. No way, only the same 19 images get synchronised in 45 seconds, all the others do not show even waiting for one hour with LT running on both devices (mobile and PC). I believe that there is some flag somewhere. Some of these pictures where taken in places without network coverage or abroad, so maybe something happened during original synch that could not be completed the first time.

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                  Hayhill Level 2

                  Thanks, mesmeric, I agree with you. On further testing using 50 megapixel CR2 files, I found  the LRM would for no clear reason just hang up without sync some (most) of those files. Curiously, I found if I opened each Raw file and did something, anything, such as star rating, flagging, or a minor edit, it would then sync rather quickly. Certainly looks like it could be some sort of flag problem. I hope someone from Adobe is aware of this. I would be SO nice if there was an option to sync device via a LAN!