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    Lost access to my drawings on ipad pro after switching ID



      After having to make a new Adobe ID due to switching countries (and corresponding pay-pal payment account), I was advised by Adobe helpdesk (3x) that I would find my drawings on iPad when logging in with new Adobe ID. With little hope, I logged in and as I expected it was empty. Although I have backups and I can still log into my old ID, I cannot send any drawing to AI on Mac as you have to be on the same ID to do that....and of course all my CREATIVE suite applications now only work with new ID. I have not found a way to get back my drawing into new account ON iPad without losing the original vector format. I can import a drawing as a layer from backup, but it is no longer a vector. With 300 drawings, I regularly update, duplicate and tweak this is a huge problem. I have also tried to share a link from old to the new account, but it does not let me do that in the old account.

      Can anybody tell me what to do (apart from paying for two accounts)? Thanks!

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



          You can't send work from your old account to the desktop apps because the desktop apps are no longer associated with it. But as long as you have access to both your old account and your new account you can share native Draw files between them. Here's how to do that:


          Sign in to https://assets.adobe.com/ with your OLD (where your work is) Adobe ID.

          Navigate to Assets/Files/Mobile Creations/Draw and select the project to share

          Click on Share/Send Link, then the button Create Public Link

          Copy that link and, using a different browser (so you can stay logged in with both IDs), sign into with your NEW CC account to open that link. When it opens click the Save to Creative Cloud link in the upper right hand of the screen. This will save the project to your NEW account.


          It's going to take a minute or two for it to sync on the web and your device, so be patient and keep the app open. Once you can see it on your device in your NEW account, you'll be able to open it and work on it on your device and Send To Desktop when you're ready.


          Hope that helps.



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